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The FOSROC Super Serries 50 Club

The FOSROC Super Serries 50 Club

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Cal Davies and Lewis Berg became the first two players to reach the 50 cap mark and we sat down and discussed their journey.

The FOSROC Super Series is in its fourth season, including the disrupted COVID season. By 5pm Saturday, Watsonians Rugby will have played 62 games across the Sprint tournaments and the Main Championship.

It's a considerable achievement feat that Lewis Berg will be playing in his 51st game since the part-time professional team formed, and Cal Davies, who is rested this weekend, has appeared in 59.

These two players are the first members of the 50 cap club and have been celebrated with comparative shields in recent games and should we make the Final and Kieran Watt appear in the remaining games, he will be the 3rd entrant to the exclusive club.

Catching up with the players this week, it was great to see their enthusiasm and passion still there, and if anything, both players want to push further in the coming seasons, and hopefully this one, too.

When asked about the feat Hooker Cal Davies noted how it wasn't something he ever thought about when he first signed on. "You don't start off thinking I'm going to get 50 games, especially when the season is relatively short in the scale of things."

Lewis Berg mentioned how "Proud and chuffed" he was and how getting recognised for playing, in his words "just a few games".

When asked about the memories they've collected throughout the competition, they both mention last season's epic Championship Final as a highlight. Centre Berg also mentioned last season's sweeping move against Heriot's in the Sprint championship, where the team went the length of the field to score.

Davies also brings up Joe Reynolds's chip to himself in the competition's first year of the competition, noting it was his first win over Heriots.

It's not the only time that Joe Reynolds's name is brought up during the chat, as Lewis noted how much of an influence the former centre had on his development. "Joey was great, even last year, he was at the top of his game and he really helped bring the younger players on." Davies adds how much Reynolds led the team with his words and mentions how Lee Millar has also always been there to get in the ear of the team when they need it.

Both players also credit the influence of former coach Fergus Pringle in their development, while Nikki Miller has added so many dimensions to the game of the backs.

This year, Davies added the addition of Fraser Brown has been great because he's still playing at the top. He knows what the forwards are going through and can offer great insight.

The only disagreement between the players was when the conversation about the changing room came up. When asked who chooses the music, they agree that Lomond Macpherson is the designated DJ, but when asked about the quality of the m music, Cal and Lewis disagree.

Lewis defends the choice of tunes, but Cal states he's too old for that now and would prefer a bit of Abba or Kenny Rogers thrown into the mix.

Watch the full interview below.