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2nd and Third XVs

​WFC regular season statistics 2019/20: 2nd and 3rd XV

​WFC regular season statistics 2019/20: 2nd and 3rd XV

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Some info from the 2nd and 3rd XV regular season...

The season for all senior sides at Myreside may have come to an abrupt end, but there were still some excellent performances and achievements across the whole club that deserve to be recognised.

And one man in particular, the amazing Dennis Carmichael, deserves credit when it comes to statistics.

Dennis first started volunteering at Watsonian Football Club in 1948 and has been involved with many different roles over many years since then, always bringing great diligence to each task.

Behind the scenes from 1990s he took over keeping the club statistics for all the club teams and players. Individual players are always interested in their own history at the club, so games played and tries and total points scored are kept by Dennis for all players.

Rugby at Myreside, and in general, has benefited greatly from the more than 60 years involvement as a volunteer by Dennis.

Below is a run down of some of the key stats for the 2nd XV squad as provided by Dennis:

Games played:








Points for:


Points against:



15: L.J. Palmer.

14: S. MacNicoll.

13: J.H. Barnes.

12: R. Martin.

8: A.D. Campbell,T. Cumming,S.A. Findlay, C. Todd.

7: S. Addison, M. Edgington, D. Hourigan, L. Jamieson, R. Ward , C.J. Watters.

6: E. Evans, C. Henderson, C.A. MacPherson, N. Wood.

5: K.A. Arundale, C.P. Campbell, J. Cook,H.C. Currie,H.J.T. Doppel,M.Y. Irvine,L. McKenzie,D.J. Stephen.

4: A.S. Begg, M.T.A. Griffin, F.M. Henderson, C.R. MacLeod,R.J. Robertshaw, E.D. Robertson,A. Watt, R.D. Wood.

3: F. Broomfield, C.T. Fullarton, S. Hughson, B.M. Lawson,R. McDade,C.E. McNutt.

2: P.H. Gibbons, M.D. King, N. Lang, B.T. Miller, A. Morgan, S. Macintosh,A.J.W. Nagy, A. O’Neill,L.L. Rosso,F. Rowan,M. Scott,A.S. Spencer.

1: C.T. Barrie, A.S. Davidson,J.J. Donohue, O. Hinks, C.T. Hutchinson,D.T. Keenan, L.T.G. Kelly, C.J. Lauder,J. Law, I Loach,T. Mudoti,C.R. Pearce, A. Ross, N.S. Rowan, C.L. Scott,W.L. Smith,M.J. Tink, T. Uren.

Leading points scorers:

55: L. Jamieson.

46: T. Cumming.

33: C. Henderson, A. Watt.

30: S. MacNicoll.

20: C.P. Campbell, E. Evans.

15: A.S. Begg.

Leading try scorers:

8: T. Cumming.

6: S. MacNicol.

5: C. Henderson, A. Watt.

Below is a run down of some of the key stats for the 3rd XV squad as provided by Dennis:

Games played:






Points for:


Points against:



4: M. Butcher, A.D. Campbell, M.T.A. Griffin, R.M. McDade, N. Wood.

3: T. Cumming, J.H. Donohue, D. Hourigan, B.M. Lawson, S. Macintosh, K.D. McPherson, E.D. Robertson.

2: M. Edgington, M.B. Gifford, A. Morgan, C.E. McNutt, R.D. Wood.

1: J.H., Barnes, A.S. Begg,F. Broomfield, A. Campbell, C. Campbell, C.P. Campbell, R. Cowan, W. Cunningham, E. Evans, P.J. Evans, S.E. Findlay, P.F. Gibbons,C. Henderson, F.M. Henderson, A. Kidd, I. Loach, R. Martin, B.T. Miller, D. McCue,C.A. MacPherson, L.J. Palmer, N.S. Rowan, M. Scott, C. Todd, D.J. Turnbull,A. Watt.

Leading points scorers:

17: M.T.A. Griffin.

12: T. Cumming.

10: F.M. Henderson, C.E. McNutt, K.D. McPherson,A. Watt.

Leading try scorers:

2: T. Cumming, F.M. Henderson, C.E. McNutt, K.D. McPherson, A. Watt.

Words by Gary Heatly and stats compiled by Dennis Carmichael

Image by Graham Gaw, more here

With no live sporting action ongoing currently, it doesn’t mean that WFC stories cannot be told. We will be running features on the website, but if there is anything you would like covered contact Gary Heatly (this can be done via the Media page on the website)