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​Feature: Ex-WFC player launches the recovery cuff

​Feature: Ex-WFC player launches the recovery cuff

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We catch up with former player Cameron Johnston…

Cameron Johnston, who previously played for the 1st XV and is an ex-Scotland under-21 cap, has launched Riixo and created the recovery cuff.

Riixo’s recovery cuff is the world’s first sport and injury recovery cuff that can do ice, heat and compression with no interchangeable parts and has no requirement for electricity, ice or water.

It can help athletes recover faster after training and competing by reducing muscle soreness and lactic acid, but has also been designed to help people carrying an injury by reducing pain and swelling as well as providing support and promoting tissue healing.

Cameron has offered a special discount code to those involved with the club and that is WatsonianFC40 - all you have to do is go to to register. The official launch day is May 20.

Riixo was founded in 2017 after Cameron, a former Merchiston Castle pupil, returned from peace keeping operations in Central Africa with the United Nations.

Cameron used to be professional player before he broke his back in 2007 after being spear tackled in a game down south.

After a year’s recovery he went back to university and studied to become a physiotherapist, then joining the military in 2014 to help rehabilitate wounded and injured service personnel.

“Three years have been directly invested into the design, development and launch of Riixo and the recovery cuff,” Cameron said.

“We were due to launch earlier this year, but couldn’t due to the current climate, however waiting a few short months to understand the huge impact of COVID-19 was an easy decision to make. I didn’t want place any additional stress on our team, partners or supply chain that a product launch would inevitably bring.

“I have no doubt we would have still launched successfully, but these recent weeks have allowed us all to make adaptions to how we work and I am sure some of those adaptions will remain long after the virus has gone.

“We are ready, the products are boxed and we need to put the cuffs into the hands of the runners, cyclists, racquet sports enthusiasts, athletes and team sports participants - including rugby players - who will benefit from using it.

“My ambition for Riixo is bigger than helping with a calf injury. We want to help people to recover - whether that is from injury, niggle, intense training session or an ultra-marathon event.

“Riixo will help people recover faster, train sooner, do more of the sport they love, to improve, to hit their goals. We know the benefits of sport participation when it comes to physical and mental wellbeing.

“I hope Riixo helps people to do more of what they love and to Be Better; whatever that might mean for them.”

Words by Gary Heatly

With no live sporting action ongoing currently, it doesn’t mean that WFC stories cannot be told. We will be running features on the website, but if there is anything you would like covered contact Gary Heatly (this can be done via the Media page on the website)