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​Calling All Watsonians - Share Your Historic Rugby Treasures!

​Calling All Watsonians - Share Your Historic Rugby Treasures!

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Do you have a rare gem?

As Watsonians Rugby Football Club approaches a remarkable milestone - our 150th anniversary in 2025 - we are putting out an appeal to our members to uncover hidden gems of memorabilia to display at a special exhibition.

Many of you will have noticed the collection of over 30 signed international jerseys that now decorate the walls of our upstairs bar. This features shirts worn or swapped by Watsonians players when representing Scotland, the British and Irish Lions, the Barbarians and other squads. It's a colourful reminder of our great history.

However, we want to go even further back in time by finding the oldest existing Watsonians jersey, along with any other historic items members may have tucked away in their closets. Club President Douglas Hunter was recently offered an incredible piece - a Watsonians jersey from November 1903, over 120 years old! Although faded, paired with a photo from the match between Watsonians and Newport, it would be an amazing centrepiece of our display.

We know some irreplaceable items were sadly damaged in the fire at the clubhouse a few years ago. But we're hoping members still have older jerseys, photos, match programs, medals, etc, gathering dust that could be showcased. As we celebrate our sesquicentennial, this is a perfect opportunity to bring out and preserve Watsonians treasures for all to enjoy.

Have something you think would make a great addition?

Please reach out to by the end of April so we can put together a fitting commemoration of our long, illustrious history at Myreside. Who knows what rare gems may emerge from the past 150 years!